Why Philippines

The 5 Reason Why Philippines is the best place to pursue Medical Education for Indian Students

Experienced Faculty

Philippines follows the American method of practical learning. Experienced Doctors are the teaching staff at premiere institutes and they teach lessons based on their experience which helps the students understand and relate to the subjects in a better way.

Thorough Learning

Most Medical Schools have Multiple Choice questions for evaluation. The students cannot pass a subject without going through every passage of the book since the questions can be picked from anywhere. The students cannot write unrelated theory and pass in the subject. Since it is a MCQ only a correct answer will be able to provide passing grades to the students and there are no half marks.

Adequate Patient beds for Intern Doctors to Practice

In most of the foreign countries the Universities to which Indian Students are admitted do not have adequate number of patients for the students to practice. The students gain only theoretical knowledge and no practical knowledge which affects their performance in MCI’s screening test which is based mostly on practical skills of the students. Most Universities in Philippines are affiliated to more than one hospital which are active in service.

Similar Curriculum and Syllabus

The Medical School Curriculum is usually designed to address the medical needs of the local population. Since the climatic conditions in the Philippines is similar to India, the disease pattern is also similar hence the curriculum is also similar to the ones offered in Indian Medical Schools. The students who graduate from Philippines are better equipped to practice in India as compared to the students who graduate from countries like Ukraine, Russia or China.

English Speaking Country

Philippines is an English-speaking country where English is the Medium of Instruction and the general population speaks fluent English. This eliminates the need for the students to learn a new language on arrival to a foreign country.